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Transform Your Dodge Spirit into a New One with Used Auto Parts

The Dodge Spirit was introduced in 1989, and later in 1991 Chrysler added a 224hp screamer of an engine based on 2.2 four-cylinders. The back seat, front seat and trunk of the car are spacious which make the car wider. The Spirit R/T has 2.2 Turbo III engine which generates 1.67hp per cubic inch. The 2.2 Turbo III engine was the third turbocharger setup introduced by Chrysler.

Owners can source top class used and recycled parts for their Dodge Spirit through us. Our parts are available at economical rates and are as effective as new ones. has years of experience in dealing and selling parts for Dodge automobiles. We offer a comprehensive range of spare parts and other accessories for all trims of the Spirit. The best thing about is that all our products delivered to you for free with a warranty of one year. also provides special discount of up to $100 on local shopping and bulk orders.

Samples of Used Dodge Spirit Parts

1989 Dodge Spirit Wiper Motor Front
1989 Dodge Spirit Wiper Motor Front
1989 Dodge Spirit Wiper Motor Front
Product:Wiper Motor Front
Fits:1989 Dodge Spirit
Mileage:Very Good
Warranty:1-Year Free Warranty
Location:Tallahassee, FL 32055
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