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The name Jeep is thought to come from military personnel who called it a GP for general purpose vehicle and eventually it got lost in translation and people came to pronounce it as Jeep. Today it is owned by Chrysler but the Jeep brand maintains its originality as an off road vehicle designed for rough land. Jeeps today, however, are used about as much on roads as well as for their original purpose of off road, delivering great performance and style in both settings. Some of their most popular cars are the Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee. With its unique style and innovation, it's obvious Jeep will be a great brand for years to come.

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1984 Jeep Cherokee Headlight, Passenger Side
1984 Jeep Cherokee Headlight, Passenger Side
1984 Jeep Cherokee Headlight, Passenger Side
Product:Headlight, Passenger Side
Fits:1984 Jeep Cherokee
Mileage:Very Good
Warranty:1-Year Free Warranty
Location:Greensboro, NC 28551
Sent To:Unknown 
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