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Flywheel for 1989 Subaru GL-10


There are 9 choices for the 1989 Subaru GL-10 Flywheel !!!
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Automatic Transmission 
Manual Transmission (flywheel) 1600 (2 door, Hatchback, VIN F, 5th digit)
Manual Transmission (flywheel) 1800 OHV (2 door, Hatchback, VIN F, 5th digit)
Manual Transmission (flywheel) 1800 SOHC 3 door 2WD turbo
Manual Transmission (flywheel) 1800 SOHC 3 door 2WD Without turbo
Manual Transmission (flywheel) 1800 SOHC 3 door 4WD
Manual Transmission (flywheel) 1800 SOHC 4 door 2WD turbo
Manual Transmission (flywheel) 1800 SOHC 4 door 2WD Without turbo
Manual Transmission (flywheel) 1800 SOHC 4 door 4WD
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1989 Subaru GL-10 Flywheel

Fits:1989 Subaru GL-10

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